The Discovery direct mail program is back for the summer months in the form of a postcard.  What a great way to spend your Q1 co-op funds that expire on June 30.

The easiest way to get started is to reach out to Discoveries directly (info below).  We’ve supplied them with your co-op earnings minus anything you’ve submitted so far this year.  The best news…After your available co-op funds have been applied according to our Orio co-op guidelines, the remaining balance of the postcard costs will be billed to your Orio Parts account #TryingtoMakeitEasy.

The deadline to participate is quick – Friday, June 2!

Important Details

  • Contact: Sue Franklin | 800-828-7198 ext. 102
  • Mail Date: After July 4th
  • Click here to fill out the Order Form
  • Mail to Prospects and/or current customer database
    • Prospecting List Tip: pay an additional $.35 per address to get the contact information of those that were mailed
  • Cost: approximately $1.00 per piece (before co-op reimbursement | approx. $.30 – $.50 pp)