The Aero Program quarterly cash/return choice is now managed on the site at the bottom of the Order History screen. Selection for this quarter must be completed before September 30th.

To select your cash back or return, log in to your OSC portal account. Select the “Order History” tab.

For all U.S. Market – BASE Level OSCs: the default selection is “Return” and cannot be modified.

For all U.S. Market – TURBO, AERO, and AEROX Level OSCs: A choice must be made by selecting Cash or Return in the popup window.

Under the “Cash or Return” column, click the button. (or the   or  buttons)

In the pop-up window, select your desired option.

Once you’ve selected your option, confirm in the next window that this is the correct option.

Your choice should now be visible in your Order History as  or .

For all Canadian Market – BASE Level OSCs: The program is not applicable.

For all Canadian Market TURBO & AERO Level OSCs: The default selection is “Cash” and cannot be modified.