Initiatives to improve recall completion rates have found growing success, ensuring the safety of Saab owners and helping them to foster relationships with their local Official Service Centers. Orio is committed to developing these initiatives to target recalls at a national level. This work would not be possible without the dedication of our Official Service Centers in both completing these recalls and assisting in the creation and expansion of these pilot initiatives. With further effort and expansion, we want to be the industry leader in completion rates for Takata recalls.

The Takata Airbag Completion Rate Improvement Program has been extended through the month of July. Click here for more details in the reference library.

Below are some of the strategies we’ve used – and that you can use – to spread the word about recall repairs.

Event Promotion

Events, like the Saab Owner’s Convention, are prime venues for connecting with owners and communicating recall info. Airbag recalls can be completed on-site at events by local OSCs. Kelly Saab and Mitchell Saab have partnered with us for these event repairs already, completing a combined 17 repairs at 2 events. Using our online VIN Recall Lookup tool, event volunteers seek out and help attendees instantly check their Saab’s recall status. Leading up to and during the event, promotional materials such as web pages, emails, and social media campaigns will inform not just event goers, but any Saab owners about how and where they can complete their recall repair.

The following is a list of upcoming events Orio will be attending to promote recall initiatives:

  • Collision Industry Conference
    • Aug 7 – 8 | Atlanta, GA
  • Saab Owners Convention
    • August 9 – 12 | Solomons, MD
  • Swedish Car Days
    • August 27 | Brookline, MA

Interested in partnering with us at an event? Contact your BDM for more information.

Web Tools

In addition to promoting recall initiatives through events, we’ve also established organic and paid digital marketing plans that target social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, email campaigns, and push notifications. Our online VIN Recall Lookup tool has already been used over 900 times, providing owners with easy repair scheduling. You can leverage your social media platforms as well, and use our Marketing Toolbox to create custom direct mail pieces to alert customers with open recalls, as well as email templates. (Trouble logging in to the Marketing Toolbox? Email

Pilot initiatives

GM has received many of our completion rate improvement initiatives well and has approved their expansion. Through this growth, we want to demonstrate how valuable our OSCs are to this mission and to become an industry leader in the Takata completion rates for Saabs. Moving forward as well, GM has committed to providing more complete updated owner data which will help to locate repairs more effectively.

  • Remote repair (rural Michigan)
    • Under this pilot program, 5 repairs were completed  [42% owner data issues, 40% no response]. In addition to seeking out current car owners, efforts were made to locate Saabs for sale online that may also need repairs. We identified all 9-2Xs listed on used car websites in the area and contacted dealerships to schedule them for repairs with local OSCs. Of this effort, 5 more repairs were made. GM has approved this initiative to continue on a national level, particularly in high absolute humidity (HAH) markets, and we need significant help from OSCs to ensure its success. Please reach out to your BDMs if you are located in or near the following areas.
      • California (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento)
      • Texas (Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio)
      • Florida (Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville)
      • Georgia (Atlanta)
  • Call Pickup Repair (California)
    • This program in San Francisco saw 4 repairs scheduled [31% owner data issues, 53% no resp.] but transport logistics were a large concern. GM has decided to put this program on hold until these logistics can be worked out.
  • 9-2X Outbound Calls – Past Initiative
    • GM has asked us to repeat this program as in 2016 / 2017.

The work that you do as an Official Service Center cannot be underestimated in its value or importance. Reach out to your BDM to learn more about how your service center can be involved.