As part of Orio’s November to Remember promotion, we’re offering up to $500 in Saab apparel if you reach your goals. To help you get there, Orio is doing two things:

  1. Funding 75% of pre-approved advertising for winterization services
  2. Sending an email to Saab owners about winterization services and encouraging them to go to their nearest OSC. We’re even offering them an incentive to get a winterization service!

As part of #1, we’ve made a direct mail postcard you can customize and send to your customers. Here’s what it looks like without any customization:

Saab mailer

Saab postcard

This 4×6 postcard has been created to postal standards (i.e. the white space is large enough for a mailing address) and is fully customizable. To use this mailer, send the PSD files below to a graphic designer and/or your preferred printer to have the template updated and branded.

NOTE: Depending on the programs you have on your computer, you may not be able to open these files, but you can download them and send them to someone who can.

Template front

Template back