John Christensen, Parts Help Line Manager

Coming in June, all eligible 9-7X, 9-4X and 9-2X parts will be added to the Parts For Life Database. This update will bring the latest in recall information to you, with thousands of eligible parts.

Recently, we encountered a trionic price tape error – to clarify, there is no price increase. All units are still $500.00 Net, $833.33 MSRP. The current portal price is correct, and the price tape will be fixed next month.

Additionally, this month we’re highlighting a unique bicycle carrier. This part features a hydraulically lifted assist to secure the bike on the roof. We have a healthy stock of bike carriers waiting to be shipped that fit many Saab models. Read on for our complete parts news.

Parts News Roundup

#12791386 Bicycle Carrier with Lifting Arm 

Back in Stock:

  • #8721995: OE Clutch Release Bearing; Reduced price – $17.46 OSC Net / $29.10 MSRP
  • #32100039: Mann Cabin Filter (OE #32020155/#12758727).
  • #32019582: Brake Rotors

Returning Soon:

  • #13299395: Third Brake Light – coming mid June
  • #55561099: Vacuum Pump – coming mid/late June.
  • #12833658: 2004-2011 9-3 Convertible Antenna Base – coming in July
  • #15897499: 9-7X Shift Handle & Boot – coming soon in limited supply, accepting backorders
  • #32019495: Window Regulators. OE No ETA, but plenty of stock of the Aftermarket parts.