Prepping For the Spring Repair SeasonSaab-spring-drive

Following a 2015 Google Consumer survey, the Car Care Council published a statistic showing that 51% of automobile owners get their vehicles serviced in the spring. Do you see a similar uptick in service requests during the spring months? Are you ready for the influx? As temperatures rise and days lengthen, customers are going to have more time and energy to devote to long put-off tasks, like preventative maintenance.

Anticipatory Inventory

Ensure that you are ready with enough Saab Original Auto Parts in stock to keep up with eager beaver Saab owners. Many will come in searching for solutions to their winter woes: damaged suspensions from wintry roads, torn up wiper blades from snow and ice,  worn out tire treads, etc. Even those in more moderate climates may come in before the summer road trip season. Nothing’s worse than having to wait for a part; order early to make sure that you have what you need when you, and your customers, need it.

Spring Promotions


“Spring cleaning,” “spring into action,” “start spring right,” the emails nearly write themselves. Use the changing of the seasons as an opportunity to reach out to your customers and remind them of the importance of a regular checkup.  What works best for your business? Email? Direct mailing? Social Media? Regardless of the medium, a well-timed message could help to bring you back to the top of customers’ minds.

Energizing Employees

Your customers may not be the only people weary from a long winter. Technicians and other staff members may also need a jolt of spring energy to keep them excited and performing well. Something as simple as an open window or a bright potted plant could be enough to liven up a shop. Do you have time to set aside for some spring cleaning? While it may sound like a boring chore, working as a team to clean out the shop could be a great opportunity to learn what inefficiencies there are or what frustrations employees have with their work space. Communicate to your employees what they have been doing well recently. Studies show that employees who feel appreciated by their superiors work harder and have more job satisfaction.

With just a few simple moves, your shop can bounce back from the long winter with a ‘spring’ in its step.