Takata Consumer $50 Incentive Returns now through February 2020

For all of the details and FAQS on the $50 offer, please click here.

Capitalize on the incentive by being proactive via email and direct mail. We’ve created templates for you. Follow the steps for building your own Takata Recall campaign.

If you need help getting started, reach out to your BDMS (Trevor Thomas and Lisa Konieczka)

Step 1 – Find the Data

  • Explore your own customer database with Orio’s Open Recall Finder. The Recall Finder is updated weekly.
    1. Download Saab VINS from your Dealer Management System (DMS)
    2. Download the Open Recall Finder VIN Tool
    3. Paste your VINS into Column B of the Open Recall Finder VIN Tool
  • GM has provided us with updated recall data. If you are interested in doing some outbound marketing campaigns via direct mail, please contact your BDM.

Step 2 – Utilize the Promotional Email and Direct Mail Postcard w/ Coupon – Fillable PDF. Email is in HTML format – It can typically be uploaded into almost any email system