On September 19, we launched our new campaign, Parts for Life.

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What is Parts for Life?
Parts for Life is a campaign dedicated to protecting Saab cars and endangered animals. Much like these animals, Saab cars are an endangered species of their own. During the next 12 months, customers who purchase Saab Original parts from a Saab Official Service Center will receive a lifetime warranty on those parts and on labor. After the campaign has ended, Orio will donate a portion of the proceeds to Nordens Ark, a Swedish non-profit that works to rehabilitate, research and protect endangered animals. Learn more about Nordens Ark and their mission here.

How do customers activate their lifetime warranty?

Customers who have purchased parts during the duration of the campaign should save or print their repair receipt. The information on this receipt will be used to fill out a simple claims form on the Parts for Life site. The lifetime warranty must be activated through this online claims form in order to take effect.

What features can be found on partsforlife.com?

The Parts for Life website not only allows customers to activate their warranties, but also to learn more about why Saabs and endangered animals are important to protect. Here, customers will be able to read stories about Saab owners and their unique cars. They’ll also be able to discover the “spirit animal” of each Saab model. These spirit animals are endangered species that Nordens Ark has pledged to protect. In this section, customers can learn more about the endangered status of these animals, as well as fun facts.

What are “Life Stories”?
During the campaign, we will feature short videos that highlight unique stories from Saab owners around the globe. The first of these videos is already available to view on partsforlife.com.