Why We’re Teaming up With Nordens Ark

The declining amount of Saab cars over the past few years have made enthusiasts look at the car as something that could be endangered in the future, a threat it shares with many animal species around the world. That is why Orio will be working with Nordens Ark to make a yearly contribution as part of the “Parts for Life” initiative. Nordens Ark is an organization with its roots in Sweden but works with the protection of endangered species all over the world, which has a perfect relationship with Saab cars.

Nordens Ark is a private non-profit foundation that works to ensure endangered animals have a future. They are engaged in conservation, rearing, research, and training, as well as doing what they can to increase public awareness of biological diversity. Much of their work is done in the field, both in Sweden and overseas. Click here for more information and visit www.nordensark.se.

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