New to the Marketing Toolbox – “Thank You for your Visit” direct mail postcard and email.  These are great templates to start utilizing on a monthly or weekly basis if you currently do not have a customer retention process at your workshop.

By simply saying “Thank You for your Visit”, you are setting those seeds for continued business with that customer.  We all know that personal relationships are critical in the fixed ops business – be sure to maintain those by getting started today.

Depending on the time available to you, we recommend you perform this process weekly or monthly.  Make sure you keep great records of those who visit your shop.

To get started with this new process, we recommend that you reach out to your BDM (Lisa Konieczka or Trevor Thomas) or Marketing.  We’re here to help guide you through the process.  We can also help facilitate direct mail printing and mailing so you only pay your out of pocket costs after we apply the co-op dollars you earn through the Aero Program.

Get started today by Reaching out to Lisa Konieczka or Trevor Thomas) or Marketing; or on your own via the Marketing Toolbox.