If you work on Saabs, you know that Saab owners are legendary for their passion and zeal for the brand. Instagram handles like saab_nuts and saab_addict don’t even begin to describe the fervor that surrounds these high performance vehicles. Thankfully, you can use this devotion and loyalty to develop your relationship with your Saab customers.

Leveraging the brand’s value

Swede Central Saab Gear

Swede Central has some great Saab gear

Appeal to their love of the brand by featuring branded items from the Saab Gear store. A Saab hat or water bottle on your counter can be a great conversation starter. A display like the one above can become a conversation starter and focal point. You can create a similar display in areas of your shop that may be otherwise be empty. In this way, you can turn dead space into another touchpoint with Saab owners.

Small touches can make a difference

Exceptional, detail-oriented service has always been a cornerstone of the Saab customer journey. You can incorporate Saab gear into this philosophy by leaving a Saab vent air freshener in the vents of a vehicle after service. Go the extra mile and polish their dash with a Saab chamois. Or, you could offer to order a customer Saab branded floor mats or cargo mats for their vehicle if they don’t have any. In addition, you can suggest a new Saab emblem on older models if theirs is getting old.

Park Ave Saab’s great gear display

Sales, Contests, and Giveaways

There is also the option to sell Saab gear directly to customers through your service location. Doing so not only provides another revenue stream, but it also gives Saab owners another reason to come to your location over a competitor’s. If your location sells Saab gear, an owner can come in and get an oil change and a Saab hat. Another way to get Saab gear to customers is through promotions such as contests and giveaways. These create excitement surrounding your shop and get customers energized. More importantly, however, you can use this an as opportunity to gather contact information from customers. You can have customers enter a drawing for a free Saab branded item if they sign up for your email list. Or if they follow you on social media. This creates a win-win scenario in which both you and the customer benefit.

Besides being incredibly stylish and attractive (in our opinion), Saab gear can be utilized as yet another resource for your business.