Tools to Help you Navigate the New Website

The new and MySaabCar Online is a one-stop shop for Saab owners. The goal of the new website is to make the Saab owner experience better than ever by making it easy for them and to provide an automated way to continually engage the customer and keep them a Saab car owner. and MySaabCar Online Highlights:

  • An owner can add their car and log their maintenance and get reminders to return to you (email workflows)
  • Book a service through our concierge appointment setting
  • All Parts for Life submissions will be done through
    • No more finding certificates in junk mailboxes
    • No more printing and saving certificates that you only misplace
    • Everything is saved in one location
    • Old Parts for Life Warranty Page redirects to the new driving the consumer to the correct site to engage with us

For some of you, this may cause a change in how you submit for Parts for Life. We highly recommend that you encourage your customers to register their cars in and log their maintenance this will automatically flag parts that are in the program.

In order to help you facilitate the change we have job aides for you and instructional videos for your customers. All of the videos are also located in MySaabCar Online.

OSC Tools

Saab Owner Instructional Videos

Sample of a Maintenance log entry